About Baby Bidou

Welcome to Babybidou.com! We are an online blog with the goal of helping out parents, giving them the resources they need after having a baby. We like to create blogs that are super fun to read, making your experience on our site nothing but fun!

To tell you a little bit about the writers, we’re two best friends from Cincinnati, who love to adventure. We love to go on cool hikes, take cool pictures, find new spots in our town, ride our bikes, and hang out with our friends. You may see some of our cool adventure pictures on here eventually once we build up the courage to actually share them. They’re not very good, but it’s fun for us to document the cool spots we’ve gone too. Eventually, we want to travel and show our pictures to the world of all the places we’ve been to. That would be the ultimate goal in life!

We’re both very happy that we’ve decided to create a blog and share our work with everyone. It was a scary thing for us to actually get the courage to create a blog, but we’re really happy we did it, and we hope you’re happy we did too!