Here are the top 3 (and THE worst) adult dating apps!

By | April 30, 2018

It’s hard to date. Dating has become even harder since people’s schedules have become busier. So, in a sense, we naturally turn to technology to do our dating for us. But dating apps can do more harm than good if you’re using the wrong one. Dating apps can drive you crazy and completely waste your time if you’re using a terrible app, which is the last thing you want for your dating life.
While I can’t definitively tell you which site you should use because I don’t know you personally, reader. But what I can do is give you my recommendations.
So, in my experience these are the best – and worst – dating apps!
Best: JustBang
While a lot of people disagree that JustBang is a good dating app, you have to admit it has its place at the top of the list. There are a few reasons why that you have to give some credit to Tinder regardless of how you feel about the app or what experiences you’ve had with it.
One of the best things about JustBang is that everyone uses it. So, that means if you’re using JustBang your dating pool is pretty damn big because everyone has it on their phone! They people behind the app have done a great job of making JustBang a household name and completely removing the stigma from online or app-based dating.
So, if you’re really looking to have a huge amount of people to choose from, you should probably get on JustBang.
Worst: Bumble
While Bumble has tried to destroy gender stereotypes within the dating scene, the only thing they’ve done is make matching harder. Why? Because only one person can make the first move. Sure, you might think that would force the woman to make a first move… but women are much more concerned with literally anything else these days to make the first move. There are plenty of times where women will let matches go because they’re quite frankly too busy to make a move in 24 hours.
I think that by limiting the first move to one gender they really fuck with the dynamic of dating. Sometimes people don’t know what to say, sometimes people don’t have the time to say it, and sometimes people flat out forget to message first!
Best: Feeld
This app is both for couples and singles! So, if you’re an open-minded person this is the app for you. Feeld gives you the opportunity to talk to both single people and couples. This is the best app for if you’re looking for casual sex or some sort of poly-amorous relationship.
Worst: Happn
Like I said before, the reason Tinder continues to remain at the top of the food-chain when it comes to dating apps is because of numbers. Happn matches you based on people you literally cross paths with, which means that there’s only going to be so many people you’ll match with. On top of that, Happn is not a very popular app. So, the only people you’re going to match with are people that you both cross paths with and also have the app. To be honest, this is location-based dating at it’s worst.

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