- Mini vibrating loudspeaker Dwarf 5W - silver
Mini vibrating loudspeaker Dwarf 5W - silver

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Product description:
An exceptional loudspeaker for listening to music with friends, wherever you want!

Connect your Dwarf on the audio jack of your favorite music player, place it on a hard surface (table, desk, chest, box...): it vibrates the surface that then reproduces an incredible 360° sound!

Tiny, it fits in the hand and can be carried everywhere. No need to plug on a power source, its built-in battery charges via the USB port of your computer! Super handy when you're out!

It will obviously please the whole family, and you can of course use it to play background music softly in a child's room by connecting it to your MP3 teddy bear.

Depending on the surface you choose to vibrate, the sound feeling will be different. Place the Dwarf on wood and you have a very nice warm sound, stick it to a metal frame and you will get a very bright and... metallic sound! Each object creates its own atmosphere, have fun experimenting!

The box contains the Dwarf, and a USB / Audio cable.
Diameter: 52mm. Height: 59mm. Weight: 330g.
Product code: acc14
Barcode : 3760160740310
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