Baby Bidou has closed down...

Following a serious production problem of our MP3 teddy bears, that has caused us to be out of stock for 6 months, Baby Bidou has had to shut down.

We have tried everything to save the company, that just had its 9 years of existence, and barely managed to be breakeven. One of the few French companies in the toy industry, we had managed to find a small niche on this difficult market.

This long story gave joy to thousands of kids (and their parents!) and we are proud to have tried to change the World. Unfortunately economic realities caught up and we cannot continue anymore.

We would like to thank all those who gave us their trust along those years, and we hope that you will get a good memory of us.

To send us virtual flowers or if you would like to buy a dead company for a bargain price, just mail us: info at babybidou dot com