Stéphy - Promenons-nous dans les Bois
Promenons-nous dans les Bois
~ Stéphy - ...

Full duration of this title: 3:09
Recommended to children more than 1 years old.
Language: French
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Information on this tune:
A traditional song realized by Stéphyprod. A mix between acoustic and synthetic instruments.

(This tune is included in the full downloadable album. If you want to only download this song for free, you will find it on Stéphyprod's Web site)
Product code: stp20
Author / Composer: Unknown author...
A title played by: Stéphy
Recorded in: 2005
Album: Mes animaux
Style: Traditional
Geographical origin: Western Europe
Principal instrument: Other keyboard
Secondary instrument: Synthesizer
Speed: Stimulating
Type: Lyrics
File size: 4.57 MB
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