Download high fidelity with Baby Bidou!

To transmit music on a network like Internet, it must be compressed so that the files are of reasonable size. This compression can have a very important impact on the sound quality of the recording.

This is why baby Bidou chose to use a very effective standard of compression, the MP3, in a particular mode, the VBR (Variable Bit Rate) in high quality, which gives impressive results.

An example?

Listen to how our logo sounds in several formats:
  MP3 compression at 16 kbps (heavy compression) Listen file size: 23.7 KB
  MP3 compression at 64 kbps (average compression) Listen file size: 94.5 KB
  MP3 compression at 256 kbps (low compression) Listen file size: 377.3 KB
And here is the quality that we use for all tunes available on the site (music, tales and songs for children):
  MP3 compression with high-quality VBR (standard used by Baby Bidou) Listen file size: 234.4 KB

As you can listen, it is very difficult to distinguish this quality from CD quality, for which the same file would weight more than 2 MB, i.e. 10 times more than our format!

And still no DRM* !

* DRMs are digital locks that limit the number of devices on which you can play the music, or that limit the time during which you can listen to the tunes.

You purchase the music and you can enjoy it... no need to pay again if you want to change of player/computer, no need to re-pay every month to continue listening to your music! It's real MP3!! You can download and copy them on any support, as long as you do not give them away and you keep them for your private use.

We think that DRMs harm the honest customers, and only makes the piracy problem worse... No doubt, when a hacker wants to get the music for free, he will. And he will laugh at the DRM "protection"! So we have decided to respect and trust our customers, because we think that everyone will benefit in the long run.

Exceptional artists

Artists that you will find on our site are our partners: we do not deal with the majors, since we want to promote musical diversity and originality. The advantage is that you can get better prices, and that the artist is better remunerated for his work...

You will find on the Baby Bidou Music Store many albums that are impossible to find elsewhere, specially written and recorded for your children. In this way, we promote artistic creation and encourage musical diversity to propose to children an education to the World's music.

We encourage artists who want to distribute their creations on our store to contact us.