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In the children's music world Sanshiro writes with a great sincerity and intellect, his originality leads to emotive compositions with the ability to evoke a world of fantasy where children can enjoy his multi faceted work on may different levels. Sanshiro is far removed from other 'story tellers' in that he conjures a fantasy that reaches children without being childish.

Three albums are currently available: Chanson pour qui? (songs for who ?) 2004, Chanson pour l'Univers (songs for the universe) 2006, and Rencontres du 3ème Disque (Encounters of the Third Disk) 2008.

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Chansons pour l'univers Chansons pour l'univers
Chansons pour qui ? Chansons pour qui ?
Level 4 Level 4
Rencontres du 3ème Disque Rencontres du 3ème Disque