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Papoune started studying music at age 6. After learning the clarinet for a year, he switched definitely to keyboards : piano, organ and synthesizer. Gifted with a creative mind, he started composing during his teenage, then took part in various musical projects as a songwriter, keyboard player, and more rarely as a lame guitarist, while pursuing software engineering studies. After having specialized in acoustics / audio signal processing and graduated with Master's degree from IRCAM, he worked in France and in Canada as a Research & Development engineer for digital audio device manufacturers.

Back in France, he started Audeon, a company focused on developing audio technologies, and made an old dream come true: to create his own synthesizer. This "virtual instrument" (it's a software synth) has been used for recording some of Papoune's tunes, by the way...

Papoune currently shares his time between is musical activities and his work as an engineer developing tools for... musicians.

Beside music, his main creative activity is photography:

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