Gérard Delahaye
Gérard Delahaye

Gérard Delahaye

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Gérard Delahaye grew up in a family enthusiastic about music and songs. After having being fed with the French tunes of the Fifties, he attended through his guitar the jazz, in the "Jazz tibah'" orchestra of the Military academy of "la Flèche". Then Johnny and the fever of Beatles at the beginning of the rock'n'roll years. A great love affair with the American folk songs then brought him to the Celtic and Breton traditional music. After a German licence he starts to sing professionally at the beginning of the Seventies.

During the TV show "Merlin Arkenciel", that he animates during several years with his friend Patrik Ewen, he slowly drifted towards the "Young Public" towards the end of the Eighties.

About fifteen albums and hundreds of shows later, he continues to regularly create songs, spectacles and albums. « Farine de froment farine de blé noir », « le vent », « les plages de Normandie »... many standards that rock small and large ears.

Gérard created in 2000 with Patrik Ewen and Melaine Favennec a trio which evolves around the Breton and Celtic tradition, where each one brings his strength of performer, author and composer. If he has sung rarely in solo for adults for a few years, he did not give up this repertory, where his guitar touch is wonderful to accompany melodies and inventive and personal texts.

Artist's Web site: www.gerarddelahaye.com

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