MP3 plush sheep for baby and toddlers
MP3 plush bear for baby and toddlers

Cuddle your music!

Plush friends to listen to MP3

It is always great to hug a plush friend... With Baby Bidou's plush toys, your child's MP3 teddy bear will become very soft. Place the MP3 in the large rear pocket of the plush and your child will snuggle up to his/her favorite music! The digital sound gets out as clearly as without the plush!

Even without the MP3 inside, those 25 cm plush will be pampered by all chidren (and their parents) !

Insert the MP3 inside Baby Bidou plush friends


 • The very strong shoulder bag allow to carry them everywhere.
 • Small ties allow to hang it to the crib.
 • The very soft fur is machine washable (no electronics inside the plush toy).
 • Change of plush friend and keep the same music... or the opposite!!

Make your choice of Sheep plush:

Sheep plush Select the sheep plush alone (without MP3)

Make your choice of Bear plush:

Bear plush Select the bear plush alone (without MP3)