Download your music!

Use your MP3s or children songs from Baby Bidou's Music Store

Select a maximum volume!

No earphones! A quality loudspeaker with parental control of the volume, a Baby Bidou exclusive

Please your baby or your child!

Music that she likes, with a toy that can be loaded as you want!
MP3 players for young children
MP3 players for young children

Your child can listen to it, everywhere...

You will love Baby Bidou's new product: the first MP3 teddy bear in the World, which allows your child to listen to music, tales and songs that you have loaded on it. Strong and resistant, it can be carried everywhere.

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An unlimited choice of music

• Music that you already have...
Your own voice (built-in microphone) !
• The songs and tales for children of the Music Store
• Up to 32 hours of music (2 GB version) !!

Lovely friends

They are cute and they wait for your child to share their favorite songs... Along with a Baby Bidou plush companion, they also can cuddle and lull your child.

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Designed by parents for parents

Many of you have given your opinion for the design of this toy, and we took this into account: yes, there is an on/off switch, yes, volume is limited, yes, you can use a sponge to clean it... ! We remain open to your ideas to improve further and propose you the best toys to develop and stimulate your children!

From birth day, and for years to come...

MP3 teddy bears are suitable for children as soon as birth (one can attach them to the crib): they conform to the toy safety standards (CE mark) and are suitable for children below 36 months.

Available now from

Thanks to the MP3 teddy bear selector, it is easy to choose the MP3 teddy bear that will become the best friend of your child!

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P'tit Bidou (blue)

P'tite Zazine (pink)

P'tit Doudz (beige/caramel)

Green Pop Bidou

Chocolate Bidou

Anise green/Orange Bidou

Fleurette Bidou

Bidou Good Night