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Baby Bidou - The Children Music specialist

Baby Bidou is a French company, located in Sophia Antipolis, the famous high-tech park on the French Riviera. Launched in 2006, Baby Bidou has created the first MP3 players for babies and young children: the MP3 teddy bears.

Our mission is to help parents to get their children to discover music at an early age. We love music, and we really think that it should not be reduced to the few best sellers that a pushed in the media. Many artists throughout the World create wonderful songs for children, allowing them to discover new styles of music and to open to different cultures, even if they are very young. This is why we suggest you to discover in our Music Store thousands of tunes for children, from lullabies to rock or jazz, but always with adapted lyrics and great musicians.

With her MP3 teddy bear, your baby can listen to her favorite music. As she grows up, the toy always plays the music she likes: it is the best musical toy that you can ever dream of! We are proud to know that thousands of children get asleep cuddling our MP3 player. :-)

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